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Con-ed or not? Glendon or Trent?

A photo of sabby597 sabby597
So I was accepted to Trent for concurrent education and Glendon (york) for just a normal B.A. my issue is that i want to be a french teacher and can't look past the extreme benefits of studying at a bilingual university.

The benefits of Trent however are that i have a pretty much guaranted B.ed at the end without the hassle and competitiveness of having to apply for teacher's college after four years.

glendon does have a second-year entry concurrent program, but of course at this point it is far from guaranteed, as it too is very competitive.

so, my big issue is do i take the risk of choosing glendon over a guaranteed B.ed?

any opinions would be appreciated? :)

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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
If you're seriously interested in teaching French specifically I would go with Glendon. The environment there is a lot better for French learning. Of course, you can always do programs like Explore in Quebec to supplement your learning making it not a big difference, but that's your choice. In all, I would recommend you come to Trent only if there's a chance that you don't want to teach French (although you could still teach French with a Trent degree for sure!).
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A photo of brittbsit brittbsit
sabby, what was your admission average into trent con ed?
if you are looking for french, then i would go to glendon, but as the education program is extremely difficult to get into then i would choose trent. if your marks are very high however, then you will most likely be accepted into the glendon education.
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
Thanks for the input guys :)....I ended up accepting my offer to Glendon :)

@brittbsit, I got in with an 83...but I expect to finish with an 85
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