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confused about the process of university

A photo of petekoonsakda petekoonsakda
Hey, i got a few questions that im unsure about. First, i applied into social science in mcmaster, the min avg says 75% on einfo. A friend of mine got accepted into the program with a 76%. I just got my midterms back, and have an 88 in business. and 87 in challenge and change in society. So im a fifth year student and didnt do to well last year, so i had to come back for a year. My marks are 76 eng, 78 functions, 79 biology, 70 earth and space, and low 60's for my last 2 course. So i didnt have the marks to get into university. So i was wondering, if my midterm marks (88 and 87) would go into my top 6? so my marks would be 76,78,79,70,88,87 = 79.6% avg. Or will they not consider my midterm marks into my top 6 because im a fifth year student.

And i was also wondering if more offers would still be handed out, or is there any possibility that they gave all there offers out already.

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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
to answer your second question, i'm pretty sure they are still sending out acceptances! the last day to hear from a university (either an acceptance, rejection or alternate offer) is may 30th and the last day to confirm your acceptance on OUAC is june 2 :) so you've got time
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A photo of halestorm29 halestorm29
Schools are definitely still sending acceptances.. All acceptances handed out before midterms are considered early acceptances. And your two courses you took will be included, otherwise what would the point be in coming back if they didn't?
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