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Confused: English 12 summer?

A photo of Prabh17 Prabh17
wondering if summer school for english 12 is the right choice? the teacher teaching it said that if Im planning on going to unvi. then take it in the year because it will prep me better for first year english compared to the 6 week course in the english. cuz I wont be doing anything with english through the whole year.

but does it really? Does it really make a big difference for unvi? Will I not get a good mark in first year english in unvi if I take eglish 12 in the summer school?
very confused at this moment!

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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
English is one of those subjects where what you do depends on who is teaching it. Honestly, no one will be able to tell you whether or not summer school English will prepare you any better or worse than in day school. It's your teacher that matters. Your teachers pick the books you study, the assignments you do, and how things are graded. This is true in both day school and summer school. Summer school is not necessarily your ticket for easy marks and assignments, and numerous people in these forums can attest to that.

While some teachers are easy going with marks, some can be really tough. That's not to say that tougher markers are necessarily better or worse, it's just their opinion and stuff. Same goes for English in university- it's about who teaches and marks you. And here's an even bigger question: does grade 12 English prepare you for university at all? I'll leave that to you.
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