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Confused on future

A photo of MadSalty MadSalty
I am a Grade 11 student who is not sure about my future. I know I want to go into Business school, and at the moment my leading schools are Schulich and Rotman. I am in the AP Program in my school so I have 1 grade 12 credit being Advanced Functions which I got an 88.

So looking at Schulich my average needs to be low 90s or high 80s, which I am able to do. Regarding math courses you need either Calculus or Data Management (Calculus is recommended), but to be honest I am scared I will screw up in Calculus (I am taking Data Management for sure) so I may not take it. At schulich i also have the option to retake my advanced functions and get it alot hgher as they look at the higher one. For Rotman you need mid 80s, but you need to take Calculus which is scaring me as I do not want to take it.

So basically my questions are: is it worth taking my advanced fucntions over again? should i take calculus as well as Data Management?
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A photo of ott93 ott93
When you graduate, are you going to have over 6 grade 12 (4U/M) courses? If so, I think you should definitely take calculus. It is a challenging course but if you put the work in you can do well, but it still may bring down your average. Universities look at your top 6 4U or 4M courses including English and the program prerequisites. If you have more than six, then some of your courses will not be included in the calculation of your average. Taking calc will definitely broaden your choices and you have the time to take more than the required amount of courses, then it can't hurt you when applying to schools where it is not a prerequisite.
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A photo of saber33 saber33
Calculus is easier than Advanced Functions.
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