yconic - Confused with UBC acceptance? Would appreciate any help.
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Confused with UBC acceptance? Would appreciate any help.

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Hi there.
If you don't know but the province of B.C had a teacher strike which may has caused some confusion for submitting grades to UBC. Apparently there is no self-report anymore?
I've heard from a few friends that UBC will be giving out early admission for those who had high grade 11 marks? I did terrible in grade 11; however my grade 12 marks are very high as I actually put effort into school. I'm applying for UBC science and I am around 93% average. Will my grade 11 marks affect my acceptance?

Could someone clear things up for me as to how/when they will look at our grade 12 marks?

Any help is much appreciated!
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A photo of vickihsieh vickihsieh
I called them yesterday and here's what the lady told me. There's going to be two rounds of admission, the first round is based on your completed grade 11 and grade 12 marks, meaning they won't look at any courses that are still in progress. If you have a high average and a pretty good personal profile, then you'll be admitted in mid April. The second round happens when they receive the spring marks from the ministry, and it's only based on your grade 12 marks, so even if you have a low grade 11 average, it won't affect you. No one will be penalized for a low grade 11 average, it just slows down your admission a little bit. I know that a lot of people are "giving up" on UBC because if they don't get in during the first round, they have to wait till mid May, and the deadline for Queen's (for example)is May 1st.
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Okay that is a relief.
Thanks for a quick reply Vickihsieh! :)
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