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I usually lurk on the forums I'm at and don't make accounts, but i really had to ask this question
I want to take something as a minor, preferably Music, Arts and Design, or East Asian Studies.
The thing is, as much as i would have liked, idon't have any experience with music or East Asian studies, and want to take one of the above for the sake of learning.
What is it like taking one of the above courses as a minor and would you need any experience for Music and East Asian Studies?
Also, i took art in grade 11, but didn't have any space in my schedule for it this year. What is it like taking Arts and Design in university? I love drawing but i'm a bit of a perfectionist so i would need lots of time for it. Do you get lots of projects?

Thank you!!!!
I would appreciate any answers given
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you don't need to go in with any experience, especially for a minor like east asian studies
in first year, you take introductory courses so they'll start from the very basic, they're not gonna expect you to come already knowing everything so don't worry!
for music, it can be a little different, some courses might require you to know how to read music or know music theory but other courses won't (like music history courses)
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