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A photo of Bulltyro Bulltyro
Hello everyone.

I am a canadian citizen currently doing AS Level in Pakistan. But I want to complete grade 12 in Canada. I am going to be self dependant and will be doing a part time job, like 1 or 2 hours a day. I am going to go to Ontario and would just like some opinions on how easy will it be to get good grades and get into a university offering Mechanical Engineering. The university does not have to be a good one like U of T or U o Waterloo, Windsor is also good as they had automotive option (which I am interested in) .

I would really appreciate suggestions and comments. I am coming because I feel that I will do better in grade 12 in Canada and will probably stand a better chance of admission.
The courses I will be doing are:
Advanced Functions
Calculus and Vectors
English (ENG4U)
A final grade of at least 70% is normally required in each of these courses

What do you guys think about these? Are they easy? provided i stay regular and complete assignments on time. And lets say I get a final percentage of about 80-85% will i get accepted into any university at all offering Mechanical engineering?

Thanks alot!
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A photo of Bulltyro Bulltyro
I know I will have to take one more course...and please dont give suggestions like continue with a levels and stuff like that, as I really want to do my grade 12 in Ontario

Everybody here I see has really high grades! 90's usually! Are you of you ultimate geeks or just stay regular? Like study 2 hours from day 1 or something?
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
I also studied in a South Asian country before I came to Canada in grade 10. Some of my friends are also like you and came from Pakistan and other countries in grade 12. In Canada, most new South Asian people find the math courses very easy. Somehow, they easily get 90s on advanced functions and calculus. Most people also get 90s in physics and chemistry, depending on their understanding and interest in the subject. However, the problem is English. Many new South Asians I know struggle in English and end up in the 50-70 range, which brings down their average a lot. If you can work on your English to greatly improve it, I think you can get an average in the 90s without studying too much. I study like about 2-4 hours a WEEK (yes, I am serious) and I have a 89 average in grade 12. In comparison, I used to study 2-4 hours a DAY in my home country and struggled to get 80s in grade 8.

For the university thiing: I think with an 80-85 average you have a decent chance at UofT or Waterloo. You have a very good shot at second-tier unis like:queens, mcmaster, etc. You will definitely get into other less prestigious universities.That is if you can keep your English mark to at least 70.
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A photo of Bulltyro Bulltyro
Thank you so much for the reply computerengineer!

I totally get what you mean by the hours of study you did in your country as opposed to how much you studied in Canada haha. And as far as English goes, I have an A in O level English and also I have spent 5 years in Canada, so I do not think English will be such a problem, but then again I haven't really paid any attention to it for the last one and a half year, so maybe my English language quality might have dropped. And also I am going to be completely self dependant. I will probably be doing a job 2 hours a day. Will it affect my high school? Even if i still manage to put in atleast 1.5 hours of study a day?

Thanks alot everyone because your suggestions might be the final words why I come to Canada!
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A photo of hua49 hua49
You're right its mid 80s you need for admission to get into mechanical engineering. However, in Ontario, you need to pick an additional course for Uni Admission for a total of 6 or more. Universities are looking at your top 6 U/M grade 12 courses for admission. I encourage you to take at least 6 maybe 7 or 8 in case your other courses fall back a little so that your back-ups can give you a high mark for University. My advice for engineering is to apply for Waterloo. I hear its the place for any types of engineering programs

Hope this helps :D
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A photo of VicDub VicDub
Computerengineer is right. English should be your only real concern. You evidently have polished grammar, but by grade 12, (unfortunately), grammar is rarely the focus of the class. You're probably going to spend the class analyzing texts on deeper levels than grammatical correctness, (eg. symbolism, figurative language and its contributions, motives/psychology of the characters, so on), so start expanding your vocabulary and becoming even more familiar with the language to prepare yourself for the Shakespeare you'll probably end up reading. As for universities, there are plenty who require only mid-eighties to get in. The entering averages of the Waterloo and U of T engineers average out to around 89%, so I don't know how feasible that is, but other schools, (schools better than Windsor) have fairly attainable averages. http://www.cou.on.ca/statistics/cudo.aspx <-- That site is amazing and should give you an idea of the average you need in engineering (or any other program, really) by university. Good luck!
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