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CONFUSED.........Someone Help !!!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody!

I am a High School student who has been accepted to UWO science, engineering, & bmos program..... I'm getting stressed out since I have to select a program before June 2nd. I have fairly good marks yet not spectacular, as my average is around 85.

I have taken the sciences and calculus....although i do find bio interesting and can do well in it, i dislike memorization. I can perform better in chem/physics due to their problem-solving nature....Although I do well in physics, I dislike and am horrible at labs in which you are expected to "build" things....and I managed to get low 80's in calculus however it took me a lot of effort.... which makes me wonder whether engineering is the correct route for me to take. The only two engineering fields that I like are chemical and civil......(I find chemical eng interesting...and civil seems to be low-pay & saturated nowadays)..... Only business course I've ever taken is 3m accounting which seemed very dull & boring..... and the thing that scares me about science is that if i'm unable to enter a profes school, I'll end up jobless with a bsc..... Also, I personally "dislike" schooling and would hate to study beyond masters...

Somebody please help me determine which is the correct route for me to take plaese??

Will appreciate any advices...

Thank You
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