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Consecutive B.Ed. Application

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Hi guys,

I have applied to the following institutions:

-UOIT (Primary/Junior)
-Trent University (Primary/Junior)
-Queen's University (Primary/Junior)
-York University (Intermediate/Senior) (First & Second Teachable: Law and Social Science - General)

I am currently a fourth year Criminology and Justice (B.A. Hons) attending UOIT and will be graduating in April 2012. I have applied to several Faculty of Education in Ontario (listed above). I was wondering what schools I have a great chance in? How competitive is/are the schools listed above?

I am a visible minority, so I am assuming perhaps I can get a few points to get in.

My current GPA is 2.83 (bombed first year, but my third year I excelled and my fourth year I am doing well as well).

Anyone currently in a B.Ed. program or anyone that knows the admission of these schools please let me know I am really hoping I can get in.
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While addmittedly I am not entirely familiar with Consecutive program entry requirements, I can tell you that any Consecutive program is VERY competitive. Many people who start out wanting to go to medical or law school use teaching as a fallback career and thus academic requirements are inflated. Additionally, while your minority status may be of use when appling for jobs, universities do not often take that into account when considering applicants. What they do consider is experience. Have you had any long-term volunteer committments or experience working with children. With a GPA like that, experience is even more important.
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