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Co-op at U of Waterloo

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It's my first year here at Loo and I haven't been doing so well due to the difficulties of adjusting and other personal problems that clashed with my studies. It has been my goal since September to get into the co-op program for my 2B term but, the minimum average required is 75%. Unfortunately, I do not meet these requirements and I'm pulling my hair out in stress.

I was wondering if spring courses could help my average getting into co-op. I am in the Arts and Business program.
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A photo of nirvie nirvie
So far as I know, since you only need to finish 4 work terms to graduate with co-op then you should be able to switch into co-op even if you miss the first work term following 2A, since there are still 4 more work terms after that..

You could try taking summer courses to bump them up, the only thing you would need to be careful with with that is that if you take more than a part time work load (so more than 2/3 classes), then you automatically get bumped into 2A status, and (I believe) would lose that 2A work term because of that.
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