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CO-OP FOR mathemical and sciences?

A photo of beaverleafs beaverleafs
What are the best programs for economics in physical maths and sciences, that offer co- op too? (if there are any)
And just to make sure, THE U of T location doesnt offer co-op ,correct?
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A photo of Nick0rz Nick0rz
The "physical maths and sciences" is completely redundant. Its simply a title put on a section (or faculty not sure about it) at UofT. So what kind of economics are you looking at? Theres simple straight econ. UW has econ/biotech, and science/business. Theres also things like mathematical physics (if thats the direction you're going for).

Clarify what kind of program you're actually looking for, and we can provide a better idea. Although if you want anything co-op related, UW will be your best bet by far.
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