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Could I get into university?

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Hey everyone.

I'm from Nova Scotia and I want to go to university in Ontario. I have some decent grade 12 marks, but I had serious interference from my guidance councillor, so I'm missing English 12AC which they wouldn't let me take because I got a learning disability. They forced me to take English Communications 12 instead. Also, upgrading's not an option as it's only available around here through correspondance or online and I got non-verbal learning disorder, so I need a teacher for any class I ever take.

Anyways, here are my questions:

1. Will a university let you challenge the English 12 requirement by letting you take a Use of English Exam to prove that you're competent?

2. These are my 5 Academic Grade 12 marks. Are they high enough to get me into any university? I want to take a BA in Political Science or a BA in Journalism.

Law 12AC - 91
Political Science 12AC - 89
Geology 12AC - 60
Software Applications 12AC - 92
Global History 12AC - 82

Average of those 5 is 82.8

My non-Academic English Communications 12 mark was 72.

Thanks. I'm really stressed out over this.
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A photo of shaysasa shaysasa
Hey, I'm going to Queen's in the fall and checked my viewbook for the program requirements. Where you run into trouble is that EVERY program has English 12 as a prereq for Nova Scotia. For UofT the chart actually goes "Program of Study", and next to it "Subjects Required in Addition to English".


1. Probably not, otherwise why wouldn't everyone do it? But if you're that hell bent why don't you email some admissions coordinators and ask them? Include your situation. The ones at Queen's always got back to me quick (UofT understandably not so much).

2. If that's the "lower" level English class (I have no idea how your curriculum works) then that's a pretty low mark, and it's automatically calculated into your average. Your average being comprised of "English 12, plus four addition academic 12 courses".

My question to you being, why are you asking this now? Applications are over for the upcoming year...
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