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Could life get any more rediculous?!!!

A photo of Jillnic Jillnic
Here is the fantastic scoop--

My father makes too much money so therefore I cannot get a student loan,

I am a hard worker and very determined go to secondary school because none of my siblings did

and it is what I want

So why do I not ask my father for the money?

Well if he'd give me the money I wouldn't be on here!

Low income, non-status metis who can't get a student loan--

If I cannot go through Unemployment I will be forced to take a year off and work

Does it not occur to the government a lot can happen in a year?

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A photo of AZK AZK
Man you better find a way to claim your aboriginal status, so many benefits for you guys.

Maybe attend a school that offer large scholarships? Or maybe you can apply for some of the scholarships offered on this website.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
What he said. I got lots of different opportunities as a minority.
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A photo of Username Username
you can ask ur dad for the money and tell him u'll pay him back later. Be very convincing...good luck
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
His taxes should be paying for your secondary education.
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