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could someone help edit this for me

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hi, could someone edit the following paragraph (grammar, punctuation, right use, ext.)

So much pain, I could barely breath, every breath I let out and took in felt like a bunch of needles flying through my lungs. I started coughing and blood rained down from my bruised gums and one of my old teeth started to fall out. I turn myself around while I yelled in pain.
“Nice one, genius” Amy yells from the bath room
“Forgot to close the bathroom window, is it really that easy to win your games, I don’t have to do anything and you screw up yourself”.
Laying their in pain I listen as my enemy, Amy, crawls out the window and happily runs to open the front door. She gets out her keys, opens the door and pushes it with a large amount of force that you could hear a large bang as the knob from the door hits the wall. Unknowingly, Amy trips over a small white wire tied between the door and a bucket full of pasta and meat balls from last nights dinner falls over her head. All that I had strategically placed for her.
“I WON, I WON”, I yell out, and I finally got revenge. Angrily she stands up and looks at me with her wet book full of meat balls and as I laugh while fake blood runs down my neck.
“Lucas, im going to kill you”, as she prepares to run after me, Amy falls out of her oversized shoes super glued to the carpet.
“Who’s the smart twin know” I say with a smirk on my face as I run up stairs, close my door shut and start playing video games. I turn on my X-box to find that my video game is not in the console, in fact, all my games are missing.
“Having trouble finding something” Amy yells from her room a wall away from mine.
I ran to open my door so I could go get them back but as hard as I try, I couldn’t open it.
“Looks like you’re not the only one glued to a bad situation, Lucas”
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