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Couple of questions about UfT SPF for Engineering

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So, my target is University of Toronto Engineering Science, but I have a few questions about filling out the SPF. First, is the essay. How long does it have to be? It says no more 3000 characters, but how close do they want you to go. Mine's only about 1500 and I can't think of anything more to write.
The second question is about the extracurricular activities. How important is that part? The problem is that I only have one thing to write there. I'm in our school's FIRST robotics team. My marks are decent. I had 93 average in Grade 11. This semester, I should have:
Adv.Functions - High 90s
Biology - 90-92
English - 83-85
Chemistry - 88-90

Next year, I have Calculus, Physics and Business Leadership. I'm looking towards 90s in those.
So, what would be my chances of getting in?
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I applied for engsci too, so I also had to fill out an SPF. My essay was about 2800 characters... but they said max 3k, so don't exceed that (in case you didn't figure that out yourself :bball: ) Other than that I guess it's up to you, whenever you're satisfied hope they will be too.

As for EC's I only know what I read on forums such as this.. it seems that it matters less than in other schools/programs, at least compared to the American standards. Then again they definitely do matter, otherwise they wouldn't bother, would they now?

I'm an international student (from Denmark) so I have no idea about your grades. All I know is their admission average last year was 92-93%.. That is the average of your top six including the prerequisites I believe.
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I heard Engineering Science at UofT is very, very intense and tedious;therefore, it is very hard to keep up. That is just what I have heard, I can be wrong though.
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