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Course marks help?

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So Im currently in Grade 12, with hopes of getting into Macmaster or UTM life sciences, Biomedical in Guelph or Western and health sciences in Macmaster and University of Ottawa as well.
I know i wouldn't get early acceptance- my marks were in the 80s -had a terrible year last year
but this year- with my exam marks i should be at
Advance functions- 70
World issues- 94
Religion - we have to take it. - 94
English- 85

If I get a 85 in Calculus and vectors, a 90 in biology and a 90 in chemistry- would they really look at that advanced function mark? (trig messed me up big time.)
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McMaster takes your Calculus mark, and you can replace your Advanced Functions mark with Physics or Chemistry.

As long as you get a mark that is higher than 70 for CHemistry or Physics, your Advanced Functions mark will not be counted.

Don't know about the other ones.

Your marks are great!
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I know this may be an insane suggestion. But, you can always try repeating your advanced function course through night school. I am aware that you may have a super hard semester, but it's an idea. I talked to my guidance Councillor about the effects on repeating a course and he said that it does not matter unless you are applying to engineering. I am not sure if that is a valid fact so I also suggest to talk to your guidance councillor, they actually help. haha. Though, I suppose it should not matter so much if you get high marks on your other subjects.
Don't stress about it. You will be fine. Just better work hard on that bio and chemistry mark. I heard chemistry killed many and bio isn't as easy as grade 11. Or maybe it's just the teachers in my school.
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