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Here are my courses for grade 12:

1) International Business
2) Accounting
3) English
4) Business Leadership
5) Finance and Investment
6) Advanced Functions
7) Data Management
8) Calculus and Vectors

Out of the 8 courses, Finance and Investment will be substituted for a spare. I want to get into the business field (more specifically: accounting or finance). BTW i already took grade 12 economics in grade 11.

Can you guys tell me the difficultly and give me a brief description of what I will expect. Also, for advanced functions, calculus/vectors, and data management, I want to have a tutor to help me. (I will go to the teacher whenever I need help, however sometimes they dont teach you properly, thats why I want someone who is really good. BTW i live in Markham, Ontario so are there are tutors teaching this subject.

Also what Universities should I apply for (I was thinking about York, Ryerson, UofT, Waterloo, Laurier, Western). Many of these universities have unique business programs that I want to join. What other universities should I apply for (I want to stay in the province)

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A photo of brady23 brady23
If you want to go into the business field, you should keep Finance and Investment, and all your other courses are fabulous! Data Management, Calculus & Vectors, Advanced Functions and Accounting, and Economics will all come up throughout your business study. Also, Business Leadership and International Business are great average boosters and you learn business at the same time! All very good courses in my opinion, you'll be 90% prepared no matter what, but Finance and Investment can actually help you A LOT, you'll be having Finance knowledge that 90% of the people in your program will not have.

And if you don't do as well in it, you have 7 other courses to take, so if you want to be 100% prepared and not 90% prepared for Business I suggest you take it.

And yes, if you get a tutor make sure you get one that explains really well, and is very helpful to you, and someone that will give you the results you want. You don't want to go to some random tutor that barely teaches you and just gets money.

Schulich, Ivey, Queen's Commerce, and Rotman at U of T and Waterloo are the top Business programs I see people apply for. Good luck!

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