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Credits, courses, ohlala - help pleasee :) UofT

A photo of JaadeC JaadeC
Hi :)
I need help:

I want a Honours Degree from UofT in life sciences (psych)
In first year, how many credits do I need? (I heard 5 credits a year)

Can we only take courses with a 100 like for example PSY100H1 or can we also take courses like STA220H1 ? If yes, is it a good idea?

I'm so lost with all this...
Thanks :cyclops:
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
You should be taking first-year level courses because you need pre-requisite courses for 2nd year courses. Plus, remember that university isn't like high school where courses are free and you can easily fast-track. University, retaking a course does not look good at all if you do not do well on the first attempt and it will be extra $$$$$$$$$.
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