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Criminalogy OR Humanities OR Criminal Justice ??

A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
If you're thinking of a career in law, what's a better choice ?

Criminology at York
Humanities at UofT
Criminal Justice at Ryerson ??

Which program is BEST ?
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A photo of jschiralli jschiralli
I'm excited to see someone's applying to the same things as me! Hahah. In my opinion, you're best off at York or U of T. I applied to both, and got accepted to York Criminology yesterday! The Crim program at York is supposed to be amazing, I have a teacher who was in the program and she went on to work in the court system after, and eventually got accepted to law school but chose teacher's college instead. U of T is also a good option because at the St. George campus you can apply to the Criminology program near the end of your first year. I would say leave Ryerson as your last choice. I applied there as well but it's no where near as strong as York or U of T's program. At Ryerson, the Criminal Justice program is combined with Psychology, Politics, and Sociology for the first two years, so you wouldn't even be starting your actual program until your third year. At York you'll start in your first year, and at U of T in your second year once you take Intro to Criminology I believe.

Good luck!!
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A photo of AgriGen AgriGen
UofT... stronger program in my opinion...
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A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
Haha i know right?

& UofT does seem to have a storonger program, but its also very vague
While york is alot more straight forward!

With york i'll know what i'll be doing next, im not so sure if UofT will be the same.
THEN AGAIN, i'd prefer to go to UofT

Ugh, im torn :(
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A photo of AgriGen AgriGen
What program specifically at UofT do you want to go into?

In general uoft is much stronger than york.. like.. by a lot. Do not worry about being lost with things.. if your not in university everything seems like a daze. Do not base on where you want to go on how straight forward the program looks. I suggest you call uoft with any questions you have. From my past experience they usually suck at replying to emails!
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A photo of tracypoprox tracypoprox
York is known for their criminology program, but UofT is known as a good university all-around. But just remember UofT IS considered a prestigious school, so you WILL have to work harder than you will at York.

But whatever you do, I strongly recommend staying away from Ryerson. =)
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