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A photo of rebekahdejong rebekahdejong
I really like Criminology, and I applied for the program at Carlton University. However I really Like the co-op opportunities at The University of Waterloo and it's closer to home. They do not offer Criminology so I applied under Sociology.

If I get accepted and choose Waterloo do you think their is any way to incorporate the two? If so, how would I go about doing so?
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A photo of lostanna lostanna
I don't know about those two universities, but UBC has a forensic psychology program that you might be interested in.
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A photo of macpherson184 macpherson184
I feel that realistically, criminology will have more potential career opportunities than sociology. I have quite a few friends to be honest who have switched out of a sociology major into something else because by second and third year they realize how little their degree will get them. I'm definitely not saying that there is nothing out there for sociology, but it is definitely a more difficult job search because it's such a broad topic to study. I would highly suggest minoring in sociology rather than majoring in it if you're truly interested in it, which is what I am doing at the University of Guelph: Majoring in criminal justice and public policy and minoring in sociology. In terms of co-op opportunities, I feel that Ottawa would have the best opportunities compared to Waterloo because Ottawa has detention centers, jails, the Department of Justice headquarters, CSIS headquarters, etc. which would be vital to a degree in criminology! As a criminal justice student here in Guelph I will admit I wish I would have chosen a city with more to offer in the criminal justice field as there are few options in the Waterloo-Kitchener-Guelph area as compared to places like Ottawa and Toronto.

Hope this helps!
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A photo of DakotaJade DakotaJade
Try to see if you can get a hold of a course listing for sociology at the University of Waterloo to see if any of the courses seem interesting to you. I am taking a sociology course that is criminology based, and at my school there are several of these classes that focus on criminology under the sociology department. In short, take a look to see if this is the case at U-Waterloo so that if it would be satisfactory you can be closer to home.
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A photo of mandydeko8 mandydeko8
I've heard that brock has a really good Sociology and Criminology program. I applied there for their sociology program and i'm hoping to minor in criminology!
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A photo of pandakitkat pandakitkat
St. Thomaus in New Brunswick is really well known in Crim. It is really far from where you were looking to go but they have really great scholarships. You should check it out
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A photo of fitzsimr fitzsimr
I'm interested in studying Criminology also and was considering Carleton. Since I live so far away from Ottawa I didn't apply there. But I would definately liked to go to Ottawa because of the close proximatey to the Federal Government which would most likely be the future employer of Crim students. The bilingual aspect of Ottawa would also be a plus for government jobs. As for more local schools, I have applied to Laurier Brantford and Windsor and have heard good things about their programs. The good thing about these schools is they offer actual Honours BA courses in Crim (like Carleton). However, I don't believe that these schools offer co op oppertunities.
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