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Criminology at Western?

A photo of extremewar3 extremewar3
Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone here who is taking or has took criminology at western? What courses are required in first year? How many electives do you get? Did you like it? Ive been trying to find a link about the program but cant find any. anyone have one? thanks!
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A photo of mandydeko8 mandydeko8
Yeah I'm also interested in the Criminology program, I want to minor in it and major in sociology at western.
Has anyone taken the course there?
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A photo of fitzsimr fitzsimr
I've applied to the Crim program there and went to the open house. The first year will be a general first year (choosing Sociology, Psychology, Poli Sci, etc.) but then you can choose between an Honours Specialization, Major or Minor. But I haven't heard much about the Western program itself but the school itself sounds like a solid education.
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