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Criminology HELP!

A photo of jmanji jmanji
Hey guys i need help

I applied to
UFT Missisauga

for criminology/criminal justice programs

My average is currently 77%

i wanna know if i have a chance to get into any of these programs.Im stresssing i did good last semester in every course but i messed up in english. So im taking it again this semester..Do you think i could get accepted to any of these uni's.

and if you could give me advice that would be great
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A photo of TeaL3 TeaL3
-freaks out about my english mark too- T_T
Anywho, I'd be surprise if Ottawa doesn't accept you.
For U of T, I think you'd have a better chance if you had a 80%+ average but there's still a chance that you'll get in.

UofT Admission Averages:

Hope this helped~ gl! :]
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A photo of iCorrosive iCorrosive
Glad to see another Crim prospect!
I can only speak for UTM, but I think you should be fine. But seeing as the only prereq for those programs is English, it would be advantageous if your English mark is good.
It's May, so you'll get em'!
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