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Crying... My life is over....

A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
I was doing great in math, I started the year off with:
100 - perf task
87 - quiz
94- first unit test
90 - journal
and then i bummed out on my second quiz... i didnt know what to do because i was so backtracked (skipped because i was very sick and was doing other projects)...

i was calculating my average, it went from a 92 to an 82.5 .... is a quiz really gonna take me down 10%? or am i just over exaggerating?
please someone help me i dont wanna fail its gr.12................
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A photo of Siwalge Siwalge
It's still early in the school year. You'll have plenty of time to make the marks back. I once had the same high marks in an English class, then I bombed a presentation, landing me a 60%, 80% in the class. By the end of the semester, my mark was 91%. It's always possible to make up some lost marks.

You've got this. :-)

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Eric is right, its too early to know. You will have other tests and assignments that will bump your mark back up. Its not too late!
Keep up the good work, your marks are impressive :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
How much is the quiz worth? What did you get? If you give me those two pieces of information I can tell you exactly how much it dropped your mark by.
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A photo of Cookie94 Cookie94
I know how you feel i started advanced funtions with a 98 till mid term then i got a flu for 2 weeks and had to write the trig test right after.... I came out with an 84. However, all im going to say is that for you its tooooo early in the year to freak out you still have a lot of tests to consider. I got 98 in my first 4 tests and quiz and I still ended up with an 84 so you never know. Just dont quit on it.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
don't panic. each test and quiz has a different weighting attached to it.
you need to find out from your teacher what weight the quiz will have over the whole year.
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
Trust me there is SOO much left its only september, first semester midterms dont count towards anything university related, only the final marks.

You still have several months left worth of tests and stuff, and then ISU and exams which are worth like 30%. If your quiz is worth 10% now, then it will only be worth 5% the next quiz. So if you get a 50 on this quiz, next quiz you can get like a 90 and average out to a 70. The quiz you really bombed gets weighed less and less as the year goes on...

Besides..there are still 5 other subjects..

The worst mark i got in grade 12 was like a 50% on a calc test on material i barely looked at, now THAT was a dangerous drop but even i recovered from that...and that was a test not a quiz...so trust me...you'll be fine...your life is not over..
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A photo of TheReid TheReid
The ones who already posted are right. So what if you did poorly on this one quiz? Quizes are weighed lower then tests, and typically (depending on the teacher), you have more quizes then anything else. So if on your course outline it tells you that quizes are worth 15% of your mark (for example), that is split up by how many quizes you actually take, making that one low mark worth less and less as the semester goes on.

If you're school works like mine and your first semester exams are at the end of January, then you have, what, four months to get better grades? In the end that one low mark might only take your final grade down by a percentage or two, so take a few deep breaths and think clearly; you're going to be fine.
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A photo of Joyxorande Joyxorande

@Respects wrote
get a hold of yourself man. who cares. there's a million opportunities in life. even if you fail your math course there are other things you can do. highschool kids


but really, it's too early. you have time to improve.
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A photo of Zoolander07 Zoolander07
It killed your mark a lot cause of its current weight factor. You still have a bunch more tests and whatever that aren't accounted for yet.
The current total quiz value lets just say is 30 marks
If you only do ONE quiz its worth all 30marks, if you do 2 then each will be 15 marks, etc.
Anyways just get a not or something from your parents or whatever, if you were legitimately sick then it shouldn't be a problem. Although I still don't see how skipping a period in school will help in finishing other projects.
Seeing as you did well before this shouldn't be an issue. This crap however won't pass in uni though keep that in mind
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A photo of LRooke LRooke
Whiner. Calm down.
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A photo of Unknown4Always Unknown4Always
wow an 82 is bad 4 u.... lucky
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A photo of sixteen sixteen
don't be a baby...be a man!:$:bball:
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A photo of jodik jodik
If you do great on the rest of your course, then ask your teacher if you could rewrite that test if its youre lowest mark, i dont know about you, but i go to a small school, so the teachers are more understanding maybe? Thats how my teachers work.
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A photo of jelly jelly
I was at a 95 and I got a 70 on a quiz in AF. Wasn't too bad, get over it.
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A photo of Ozinator Ozinator
And I was expecting something drastic. Imma slap you! :batman:
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