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Dalhousie University

A photo of leeannlforbes leeannlforbes
How do you guys feel about Dalhousie University in comparison to other universities, like UofT, Ryerson, etc. Mostly ones in Toronto.

I live in Toronto, but my first choice is Dalhousie. If i dont get accepted to Dalhousie, ill just stay in Toronto. But do you think that its worth all that stress to go to Dalhousie when UofT is more convenient?
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A photo of clarab clarab
I'm from NB, and some of my best friends go to Dal and they LOVE it.

Halifax is a great city, the school is just as good as U of T, and you'll have a much more personalized and all around better experience in my opinion. There are plenty of opportunities in the city, and the atmosphere on campus is great, from what I've been told.
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A photo of freebird freebird
I know several people who have gone to Dal, and they've all really enjoyed it. It's a good school and the city and the campus have a nice feel. Apart from the rain, I would love to go there!
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A photo of Zion Zion
Dalhousie seems like a really good school, it just doesn't get much attention on this forum. I would have applied there but they didn't have my program.

Go there if you like. It's not as well-known as U of T, but I don't think York or Ryerson are any stronger academically.
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