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Dalhousie vs. Queens

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I am a student graduating from a high school in Ontario with a 95 average. I have been accepted to both Dalhousie and Queens and these two universities are my final choices but I can't seem to decide between the two of them! I want to major in Global/ International Development and Queens has the better program, but I also want to minor in Business, which is something that they only allow you to do at Dal. As well, I am worried about the snobby reputation of Queens, so I think Dal offers a better atmosphere. Dal offers the better extra curricular programs for my interests (kayaking, scuba diving…). I've heard good and bad things about both universities!!!
I need help! Any thoughts???
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Queen's Gael here. I know quite a few people in the Devs program who have paired their Devs major with a minor in economics, which would probably accomplish more or less the same thing as a minor in business (ie. prepare you for financial work with non-profits or any finance/economic-related work in global development).

Queen's is not any snobbier than Dalhousie (Dalhousie draws a majority of white upper/middle class students just like Queen's does). In fact, you may find that Dal can be very cliqueish and that non-Ontarian students have a lot of resentment and prejudice towards people from Ontario, especially if you hail from the GTA. Although there are enough Ontario students at Dal now that they just form their own clique.

Queen's can be cliqueish too, but you just have to put a bit of effort into finding your niche and you'll have a great time. If you make an effort to connect with people with similar interests, you're sure to find a group that is supportive and friendly and diverse and not the least bit snobby. Sometimes those groups are based in certain programs (ie. Devs does seem to be a fairly tight-knit group), or you may need to join a sports team, club, whatever, but you won't get much snobbiness unless you come here with stereotypes about the school, its students, and your own snobbiness.

Financially speaking, getting funding and scholarships will probably be less of a hassle (less paperwork) if you just stay in province. Also, I can tell you that the Devs program here at Queen's has some amazing international opportunities, exchange programs, summer internships, etc overseas... obviously travel is an integral part of getting a degree in global development studies. I know friends that have gone to the Cuba program offered here at Queen's and they raved about it for months. Dal likely has various exchange/international opportunities too, but I am not sure if they are as extensive as Queen's.

That said, Dal is a great school too and I'm not trying to put it down. Either school is a safe bet. Good luck!
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