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A photo of plaidboy plaidboy
Hi im a strong math student and I am thinking about taking this course, but probably online because there isn't any room for it next semester. This is going to be my sixth 6 U/M course for a different kind of program, not anything financial related. Is it a good idea to take it online? Does anyone have any experience in taking data online? I'm looking to achieve a high 80/low ninety.
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A photo of tukr tukr
Personally I think it's a pretty difficult course to learn by yourself - the permutations/combinations and probability units are pretty new concepts. The standard deviation/statistics side would be easier to learn by yourself. If you're a REALLY strong math student it might be ok... personally I'm decent at math but I feel like if I took it without a teacher I would have failed. If you're good at math contests/logic stuff it might be easier for you to learn by yourself though, like a lot of people who are really good at functions hate data man because of all of the logic/vice versa.
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A photo of SBStudent SBStudent
I wouldn't advise taking Data Management online. While some topics may be really easy, the others such as permutations/combinations can get difficult to grasp in order to answer questions correctly. Data Management is not like Advanced Functions or Calculus at all, so if you're strong in those topics, it may be completely different for you in Data. Trying skimming through a few pages of a textbook and see what you make of it.
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A photo of plaidboy plaidboy
thanks for your advice. I might switch into a data course next semester by dropping a low mark course this semester during midterm. Is data a course that can depend on the teacher, and the difficulty of their test? In other words, is there a specific category that's difficult for data? E.g. for math and physics it's thinking
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