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DD on the Laurier side

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How difficult is the UW/WLU CS DD if I pick Laurier as my home school? (in terms of work load and content) 
I understand that the co-op at Laurier has more business placements but is it impossible to get a computer science co-op? I prefer computer science over business, although I do not want to pick Waterloo as my home school. This is because I visited both schools and I absolutely hated the environment at Waterloo but I loved the Laurier atmosphere. 
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Queens commerce.
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Like I said, I'm more interested in Computer Science than I am in Business.
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workload is the same regardless of home school - only difference is that in first year, laurier side DD's do not have a co-op term so they can take extra courses (this can potentially make your subsequent terms easier). 

it is not impossible to get a computer science co-op as a laurier based DD, but if you do not apply to external positions outside of navigator, it will be noticeably more difficult. 

also there are plenty of waterloo based DD's that are more immersed in laurier's campus life than waterloo's - you're a full time student at both schools.
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Just a couple other thoughts on your home school:

First-year students and HS students often place a LOT more importance on home school than there really is. Once you get into second year (and past that) the only real difference is the co-op system. 

The environment is only really different when looking at residence, and most people are only going to live in residence for first year. Once you get past that, you're living off campus and you can spend as much or as little time on each campus as you want. For example, my last couple of years I was basically on campus at Laurier 24/7 because of different activities/clubs, but I was UW-based. 

For co-op, there are some CS-centric positions on Navigator, and in general these are going to have less competition (since there are fewer CS students at Laurier overall), but UW will have a lot more of these positions. As the above said, you can apply externally to any job you want, so that opens even more options. I also know that they have run a pilot program to let a small group of students use their non-home school's co-op system for one co-op term. I don't know if that will continue, but it's another option to open up more jobs.

My last piece of advice is to make sure you really want to do DD. You said you're more interested in CS, and that's fine, but if you aren't interested in business, then you're not going to enjoy the program.
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