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A photo of Cookie94 Cookie94
Hi everyone,
I have a question, well I have many but for now one:cheese:
I am in grade 11 and I have been fast tracking I want to know if I can get in the double degree program with my current avg.

Grade 12 eng- 77% but I am redoing it over the summer hoping to get a 90+
Advance Functions- 88-89
Business Management- 92
Data Management- hopefully 90+ next year
Calc- 90+ next year
World issues- Againg 90+ next year

I am going to have other grade 12 courses, i.e. french, accounting, law
but I am good at math so I think these are going to be my top 6

I have no idea what ABS is everyone seems to be talking about it.
Last my EC's suck I am a part of Global Spectrum, and leadership. I intend on volunteering at the hospital next year but thats basically it. Im stressed as hell.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Firstly, you can apply to DD on the WLU side as well as the UW side. On the UW side you'll have to do an AIF, and on the WLU side the ABS is optional (I didn't do it and I got in).

You'll need a high 80s to low 90s average at least to get in. Don't make predictions on your marks lol - you just make your self look silly.

You don't need real good ECs but you should have quite a few and make sure the title of it sounds good. E.g. "President" of a crapshoot club looks nice. I didn't really do that stuff but yeah, just from what I've seen, IMO.
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A photo of heyppl123 heyppl123
u'll be fine, usually ppl find data the easiest 12 math, easy 90+ judging ur advancedF mark
waterloo will most likely penalize u for retaking gr12 eng (summer+2nd try)better hope u get a high mark
i called before and they said they wont penalize u only if ur applying to arts program
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A photo of Nalrad Nalrad
Hey Cookie94, what double degree are you planning to go into? I'm also in Grade 11 and want to take a double degree in Waterloo/WLU. I'm planning to go for the one with Comp Sci. instead of Math.
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