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Degree comparison?

A photo of hyrussk71 hyrussk71
I have a question about the ranking or reputation about degrees.

For example if you had a student who completed a bachelor of arts degree (for example economics) and another who completed a bachelor of science degree (ex. computer science), the BSc degree would probably be more highly regarded.
I've seen a LOT of programs on OUAC that have programs which offer BA as degrees; so does that necessarily mean that the degree is not as useful because of its high availability?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Fortunately for anyone with a BA in Comp Sci, HR folks are more knowledgeable than you. The difference between a BA and a BSc is not really significant. A BSc is going to give a person an advantage over an otherwise exact-same BA applicant, but how often do you, as a BSc applicant, think you will see your BA twin applying for the same job as you?
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