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Degree of difficulty

A photo of Aphex Aphex
Hey guys, I decided to take a semester off to decide which program I want to enroll in come January (second semester). my choices for university are either Waterloo or McMaster and my course options are Sociology, psychology, or lastly political science. Not to sound lazy and what not, but I would like to take the easiest of these three choices. So, in you opinion which course is the easiest; political science, sociology, or psychology? Thank you.
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A photo of vel vel
Look at the courses that will be taught and decide for yourself. The differences in difficulty between those majors is almost negligible. Also, bad mindset to start off university with. But to answer your question, look ath your course calendar and see what are the necessary courses for first year and decide from there.
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A photo of Zion Zion
Depends on the school and your interest level in each. But my money is definitely on sociology.

I agree with vel though. Difficulty should not be a (main) criterion when looking at programs.
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