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Dental School?

A photo of Fiasco29 Fiasco29
Anyone know the process for getting into Dental school?

I mean from year 1 to getting your dentistry license (lol)!!!
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A photo of C8H10N4O2 C8H10N4O2
Here's the website for the Faculty of Dentistry at UofT

-Apply after 3rd or 4th year undergrad
-Certain prerequisite courses
-Good score on the DAT (Dental Apptitude Test)
-Dentistry Program Interview

The tuition for dental school is $20000+ per year :S

There is also a dental school at Western and also some college programs ( might not be the same degree though)

Hope that helps.
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A photo of FiresinX FiresinX
Average GPA of applicants who are accepted are ^3.8+ usually.

And just wanted to let you know, the application cycle changes occasionally. For example western had big changes this year (I believe they changed from a minimum of 2 years of undergrad to 4 years)
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