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Depressed Hard + Stressed!

A photo of OttawaCeltic OttawaCeltic
Group 3 to graduate? WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

Ok,Ok gotta settle down....
On a sheet at my school it says to graduate you need a Group 3:

Grade 11 or 12 Science, French as a second language, Technology studies, Computer Studies, Co-op.

So... what in the world doesFrench as a second language mean?

I take Immersion courses, but I dont know if they count as it!!! Im so confused!:cheese:
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
Check with guidance, but if I fulfilled that with core French, immersion should definitely fulfill the requirement as well.
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A photo of kyleigh711 kyleigh711
French as a second language means a french language course (ie. core, extended, or immersion french, etc.). That doesn't include a course in another topic that is taught in french (ie. geography or careers taught in french). It also doesn't include grade 9 french because that is part of your 15 set compulsory courses.

Also, I just checked and language courses aren't part of group 3, they count toward group 1. If you need a group 3 course that means a course in science, technological education, or coop. Maybe you should double check with guidance as to what you still need?
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