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A photo of leejason leejason
Hi, i am currently in my last year of high school eager to enter the Desautels School of management at McGill.

I have 85 in English, 93 in Math 30 pure, 94 in Calculus, 95 in Chemistry with 90 in Social 30, what are my chances of getting into the school? I have yet to finish Social 30 and Bio 30...

Also, what are some advantages to attending McGill? any disadvantages?
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A photo of jelly jelly
McGill is well-received internationally, prestigious, the city is great, and admissions are heavily mark-based usually. Its also far (not an issue if you're from Quebec), and might not be considered on-par with some top-tier B schools in Canada.
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A photo of JonathanEtienne JonathanEtienne
I live in Quebec. More specifically in montreal, near downtown. So i know Mcgill very well. Here universities don't look at grades for acceptance but at something called the "r" score which basically gives u a score that is in relationship with ur class average and the grade you obtained for that course.

Though, you don't need to know this since your from Ontario and they will most likely evaluate you differently than us but i find that this system is kind of cheap. Example, I got 91 in a course but because my class average was 82, my r score was only 26. In contrast, i got 76 in a class but because the class average was 51, i ended up with nearly a 30 r score. To get into Mcgill business department its 28,6. Pretty low compare to law 31 or Med 33,6.

For me, getting to McGill Desautels is real easy, I already meet the requirements. Queens, is a challenge for me.
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A photo of lemony lemony
If you get above a 92 average you should be accepted. The requirements do seem to rise a bit every year though.
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