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Description About Different Areas of Business?

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Hey guys I'm nearing in on my final year of high school. I want to pin point what I truly desire to do in the future--but I'm lacking knowledge of different areas of business. I want to know if Business is truly the right career path for me.

Would you guys mind if you listed a brief description about the different areas, such as: finance, accounting, marketing, and consulting. If you can, listing some business websites/journals/magazines may be cool too. I'd like to get as MUCH information about the different areas of business to see if this field is truly meant for me.

I believe this is not only good for me but for all people, who are thinking of pursueing business. Thanks a lot!

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Business is just telling people what to do with their money.

Marketing: Telling consumers what to do with their money.
Finance: Telling banks what to do with their money.
Accounting: Telling shareholders/managers what to do with their money.
Consulting: Telling other businesses what to do with their money.

Here are some links that may be of interest to you:

Investment Banking
Yale Financial Markets
Reddit's Business Section
The Economist
Wall Street Journal

Also, read up on Wikipedia if you want actual ideas of what each industry could lead you to. Those four categories are indeed very vague, but luckily you don't necessarily have to decide what sector you want to enter until much later. There are many "commerce" undergrads that can lead you down any path. I suggest just taking all of the available grade twelve business courses to give you a clearer picture of what you could be dealing with.

Understand that with business, it's a really self-driven career path. Unless you're born into old money or have relatives in high places, much of your success will be derived from your ability to score high marks and network. If you're in pursuit of the big bucks, then you've come to the right place, but it's irrational to assume you'll earn a high salary.

You have to be every honest in your evaluation of yourself when choosing a career path.
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