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Did I Apply Late?!?!?!

A photo of MyNameIsChris MyNameIsChris
Okay quick question, I had my UBC application all filled out and ready to go before the deadline. I got to the page that asks you to submit your payment and I realized that I had misplaced my credit card! So by the time I got all that filled in, it was 12:10 am on the day after the deadline! Do you think that I should email them and explain what happened? Or will they not care? Because my application was technically completed on time, it was just the payment that I was having issues with. Thank you!
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
Don't worry about it, it went through. The same thing happened to one of my friends. It's only too late for the ones who did not even choose the University, meaning they don't even have an application. They have your applciation, and they will have and take your money. Don't worry, they want your money, the last thing they would tell you is that you are too late. It's all fine, don't worry haha. Hope I cleared things up for you.
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