yconic - Did not get into laurier co-op; any advice on my situation?
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Did not get into laurier co-op; any advice on my situation?

A photo of fridgestar fridgestar
so i had a 10.4 gpa (A-), volunteered for about 5-6 different things (never really commited myself into a significant position in a club though, and have 0 work experience. I didn't get into coop, so I'm going to try and get an internship relevent to business over the summer, could anyone give me any advice on that? Also, should i be getting a job over the school year regardless of how irrelevent it may be (fastfood, physical labour etc., or does that have little significance unless its something relevent?) please and thanks for any advice!
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Any job (even at fast food places or as a cashier) is helpful. You can bs a lot about improving communication skills + problem solving, customer service, sales, etc. The job itself might not be relevant, but what you learn from it is, and employers understand that. Plus, you need to build your way up. It'll be really difficult to find an internship related to business when you have zero job experience.
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A photo of Classof87 Classof87
fridgestar, that is a drag that you did not get in, but by no means the end of the world. My son just went through the process and was successful, with only fast food business experience, but was able to lean on skills learned in volunteer work and extra-curriculars in order to get through the interview, I guess it worked. He has friends in 3rd year that did not get in to co-op who got great jobs last summer, one as a junior financial analyst on Bay Street for TD Wealth Management (Excel jockey, but hey it's a start), which was just obtained by knocking on many doors, and he did not line it up until the 3rd week in May. It can be done, I tried to tell my son to treat co-op as the cherry on top if it happens, otherwise, no biggie, now he is experiencing the downsides of co-op, especially looking for a new housing situation.

Just for the benefit of those playing at home, my son had a 9.7 GPA, less than fridgestar, only fast food work experience, but was strong on extra-curriculars and volunteer activities, do not underestimate getting involved in grade 12 and first year at WLU to stand out. According to my son, in the low 600's of students applied, 290 got in, which was similar to last year's numbers.

Again, regrets to fridgestar for not getting in, not trying to come on here and be a knob by saying my kid did, just saying 60% of WLU BBA is not in co-op and you just keep keepin' on.
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