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A photo of dorichio dorichio
If being a dietitian is my ultimate goal, I know that I should go to Brescia @ UWO, Guelf, or Ryerson.
I've applied to all but I'm just wondering, which university would offer the best undergrad program, since all are accredited by Dietitians of Canada?
Does it matter which university I go to? Or are all at the same level?

Also, theres a food and nutrition program at UWO (not Brescia). This wouldn't count as being accredited right? Therefore it would be better to go to Brescia?
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A photo of cjengel cjengel
Hm. I wouldn't know about those universities. I guess it would depend on what you want to focus on with diet (i.e. sports nutrition, diabetics, cardiology etc) I would take a look at what other courses they offer and make a decision based on what you feel would best suit your personal views on dietics.
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A photo of uroosa uroosa
Guelph is pretty good and maybe ryerson
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