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Difference between Computer science and Software engineering

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Okay, so up until now I thought software engineering was another word for computer science, and now that I know they aren’t the same I am unaware what each of them are. Can someone explain to me what Computer science and Software engineering are please?

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Here are some basics:

SE: http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/ENG-Software-Engineering
CS: http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/MATH-Bachelor-of-Computer-Science

CS is under the faculty of mathematics. SE is joint program with the faculty of mathematics and SE. I'm not in either program so I can't give you anything too specific, but from my understanding, you'll obviously be spending a fair deal of time on doing traditional Engineering stuff in SE... you take some electrical/computer engineering courses... for e.g. you do physics in first year. If you just want to learn how to code, do CS. Waterloo has a lot of cool CS degree combinations like its Computing and Financial Management, Computer Science/BBA programs.

http://findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca/admissions/programs.php Use this website to research the programs you're interested in at UW.
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CS = more math, software focused
SE = You learn about a few science/hardware related components.

End outcome = same. Some are better than the other.

End of discussion.
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So what's the difference between computer engineering and software engineering?
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"Computer engineering combines the disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science.

As a computer engineer, you'll deal with both the hardware and software aspects of computers. After you graduate, you might design the control system for an automated production line, create software for digital telephone switching systems, develop a new operating system for a client with specific needs, or plan and supervise the installation of a local area computer network."


"Waterloo's Software Engineering degree program combines our strengths in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Your studies will not only include a solid foundation in mathematics, engineering, and computer science, but will also cover fundamental concepts of the software development process, project management, and technical documentation. You'll apply these techniques to create and maintain complex software systems in areas such as telecommunications, computer graphics, scientific computing, and financial systems."


Obviously Computer Engineering would have less Computer Science than SE. If you're interested in SE or ECE, you may want to consider Systems Design Engineering. If I were to choose an engineering discipline at UW, it would definitely be SYDE. It's the most broad and flexible engineering discipline in UW and it really captures what I think studying engineering is about. You get exposure to all the other engineering disciplines and specialize in what you like (Whether that be in another engineering disciple or to do a minor in a nonengineering disciple) in your upper years. You may be interested to know that SYDE students tend to do very SE-related coop jobs, especially in the first few years.
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