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Differences Between Schools

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I've heard that some universities are drastically harder than others, and wanted to know how much truth there is to that. Specifically, the bigger names compared to the smaller name schools. The way I see it is that no university is particularly easy, so that statement isn't really credible to me, but I just wanted to know what other people think. I have interest in both a big name school and a smaller name school but i don't really want to make it seem like I'm trying to take the easy way out by doing that.
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Ofcourse! That's why most universities, if not all have different admission averages for the program(s) they opt for.
Mcmaster - health sciences compared to U of Windsor -health sciences. Needless to say Mc trumps any uni(except maybe mcgill), any day. At least in science programs. And i can confidently say that Mc would be 5x harder than windsor.
But really, i guess it doesnt matter whether u get a degree from windsor or western. I would personally prefer western more because of the prestige and recognition. And i dont think you would have to struggle as much to get a job with a degree from western. And if you chose to continue your medical studies, western has quite a reputation for one of the best med schools here. Anyhoww, weigh the pros n cons, visit the campusez, talk to the admissions dept, and your parents. good luck. (:
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