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Different Western Residences

A photo of ceewho ceewho
Next year, I'll be a student at the University of Western Ontario and I plan to live on residence. Now aside from the brief descriptions provided in the 'Offer Book' I've received in the mail, I know virtually nothing about the different residences. It's making the residence selection process awfully difficult. For this reason, I need suggestions as to which residence would be best for me.

I'll be in MIT or Arts and Humanities, most likely MIT though, for the first 2 years. And I'll be in IVEY during years 3 and 4. I would like a residence that isn't infamous for being the King-of-All-Parties (even though Western is considered a 'party school'). However, I do want to be in a residence that does have an active and spirited student/school life (just not too much).

Please give me your suggestions, with as little bias as possible. And far as traditional style and/or suite style suites go, I'm open to both options.

Thanks in advance!

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A photo of JNBirDy JNBirDy
This thread has a lot of information on Western residences: http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=4713

And from what you wrote I'd suggest looking at Medway-Sydenham and Deliware.
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A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
Honestly, the best way to find out which residence fits you, and since you are already admitted, just a book a tour to visit the campus. They allow you to visit one traditional and one suite style residence. Once you figure out which one you prefer (if you haven't already done so), then just go to ANY residence that is either traditional or suite, depending on your preference. I have visited all of the residences, and I can honestly say that pretty much every residence is awesome!

Saugeen is considered "the zoo" and "party central", but it is not so crazy that you can't live there without partying. Every residence has great school spirit and involvement, and parties are held in every residence. According to my visit, and advice from those who have gone to Western, any residence you go to, you will love it!

Anyways, I found this extremely helpful, and the people running this topic are already students at Western and seem to know about most of the residences. In my opinion, ask your question(s) here:
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@ceewho wrote

I'll be in MIT or Arts and Humanities, most likely MIT though, for the first 2 years. And I'll be in IVEY during years 3 and 4.

Exact same as me! PM me if you want to talk about course selections or anything :)
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