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A photo of dkonieczny dkonieczny
Why do we have to write Diploma's? Basing 50% of your mark on one cumulative test doesn't seem right, does it? Why can't it be a 30% of your mark.

What if your having a bad day?
It wouldn't hurt you as bad as 50%...
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
It's supposed to help standardize marks across the province. In Ontario, for example, there are no diploma exams. If you have a teacher who marks high, then you'll do well in the course; if you have a teacher who marks low, then you'll do poorly in the course. So, sometimes, your performance in the course can depend quite a bit on the teacher. It could also affect your average and, thus, the strength of your application to university.

It's a test of everything you learned in the course, and it's intended to standardize, so 50% seems reasonable. And 50% finals are quite common in university. You just need to be well-prepared, so, if you have a bad day (don't really know how that can happen, other than not getting enough sleep), your mark will only be slightly lower than it would be on a good day. And that's a lot like reality: "having a bad day" is not a good excuse.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It prepares you for the "real world". Your boss is not going to care that you've just been dumped or are having a bad day. You will still be expected to be present at work and to be productive. If you know your stuff and are prepared (aka going to get 90+ on an exam), having a bad day shouldn't make that much of a difference. Maybe you won't get 90s and instead you get 80s, but it definitely shouldn't make you drop to <50. Learning to push aside any other issues/stresses you may have going on to focus on the task at hand is a skill, and it's best to learn it as early on as possible (before university).
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Stop whining. And this is the same thread as http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=528, so merge the two or delete this one.
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A photo of abril abril
Diplomas show how well you are doing. They test your strengths and weaknesses. I'd rather not do them but it prepares you for life.
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