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Disaster and Emergency Management

A photo of Chickadee Chickadee
So i was just looking online and I found links for this program, disaster and emergency management, and it looks really cool... do any of you have this program or know anything about it? There isnt much info on it.
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I know it's a graduate program and you already need to have a Bachelors degree to be eligible for entry.

I'm assuming you're speaking of this program: [url]http://www.yorku.ca/graddem/index.html[/url]

What field are you currently studying or what career would you like to pursue?
This is a great degree if you are looking to move your way up in the world of a variety of disciplines whether it be in Public Health & Safety, Health Sciences, Law Enforcement, Forestry & Environmental, and Emergency Services such as EMS, and Firefighting.

A degree like this can give you greater responsibility and quite a bit of career opportunities in various fields like I've mentioned.
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A photo of KayS94 KayS94
My cousin is actually in this program at York. It's an undergrad, so she's graduating next year with a BDEm. A lot of hard work, but it's really interesting- you learn about everything from terrorism to environmental disasters to contingency planning and whatnot.
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