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do all scholarships require you to write an essay or travel somewhere?

A photo of JulianaP JulianaP
Ive been applying for scholarships, but I feel like for every one I do, I am constantly writing essays and having to go somewhere to apply or something.. Does anyone know any scholarships that dont require that? or even any other possible scholarships that are available to apply to for Canadian students. People are always telling me that there are SOOO many scholarships out there that no one applies to, and available for aplicants,but.... where are they all?!!? becuase I cant find that many! help: S
if any one knows anything and could assist me that would be graatly appreciated: )
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A photo of kitkat1 kitkat1
^^what do you mean by scholarships which dont require you to travel somewhere??
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A photo of ktel ktel
Almost all scholarships require an essay of some sort. The only ones that don't are purely mark based. Luckily once you've written a few essays you can kind of recycle them.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Scholarships are provided for students who deserve them. This can come in many different forms. In many participants are required to wow judges with essay skills, outstanding marks, extra curriculars, or creative business ideas.

Look at where you stand out in the most and it can help you find scholarships that don't even seem like work to apply for!

If there isn't anything on this website, try contacting your school for scholarships and bursaries. I know my school provides scholarships for students who work an average of 12 hours a week :)

Good luck
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