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Do Grade 10 Marks Matter? What about in USA Universities?

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I am currently a Grade 10 IBT student in Ontario, Canada. 

I heard from one strongly academic person that they definitely plan to take a top University in the U.S.
They said they look at all your marks from all grades of highschool, and your entire high school average, will be assessed or influence chances of getting accepted. 

I had previously thought I could slack off in Grade 10. To show the difference, I had a 92 in Math Grade 9, but in Grade 10 have a 71. 

Should I be really concerned about that for Canada/Us universities?

(I achieved Overall 87-91% average in Grade 9.)
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Gr.10 math is a joke compared to Gr.11 and 12 math. Gr.11 and 12 math is a joke compared to university level math. Take that into consideration. Math builds off concepts that are taught to you in previous years. If you're struggling in basic Gr.10 mathematics then you lack the foundations to understand even the basic concepts in Gr.11 Functions. This trend will continue and really impact what programs you apply to and what career paths you choose. 

P.S. Work on improving your math because if this trend continues then you're going to get locked out of a lot of careers based on your weaker math skills alone. 
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Sorry, I seem to have misguided my primary concern by mentioning my Math decrease as a prime example. But I do not mean only Math, nor am I asking the question of whether Grade 10 marks matter BECAUSE they are representative of Grade 11 or 12. 
I am asking whether, strictly speaking, your Grade 10 Marks, or an overall average INCLUDING Grade 9/10 actually matters for top US universities.  On one side, local students in Ontario say grade 10 marks don't matter, but on another side, a highly academic student says they need top-notch marks that INCLUDE Grade 9 And 10 (and even prior grades to Grade 6) affect judgement. 
What is the truth?
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US universities look at ALL YOUR HIGH SCHOOL MARKS. To get into the top US schools, you need to pull off minimum 90s all throughout high school.
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Almost all US schools look at all of your high school marks (Stanford and a couple others focus on Grade 10-12). While slightly lower grades in Grade 9/10 can be overlooked if you show a strong upward trend, you don't want any years below a high 80s/low 90s average or any individual marks in the 70s or lower unless you have a compelling reason (e.g. serious illness, death in your immediate family). 

 This is not true for Canadian schools, where your Grade 9/10 marks don't matter.
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Basing off statements from the comment above, will having an 81 in Grade 10 Math, compared to a 92 in Grade 9 Math last year devastate my chances later on? Even if I do well and show a 90 average in Grade 11 or 12.
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No, an 81 won't destroy your chances, but it is certainly less than ideal, especially since math is considered a core academic subject. It should be okay if all of your other marks are very high. Aim for a 95 average in Grade 11 and the first semester of Grade 12.
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Scratch that from my above comment - I now have a 74 in Math Grade 10. Should I be really, REALLY concerned? Will it be 'okay' if I atleast aim to get a 76 by the end of the semester?  

For comparison, my 3 other marks that people will look beside are: (but perhaps Math will seem even more tremendously worse due to high differences!) 
History 10 - 93%  
Computer Technology - 96%  
Business - 90%

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Having a 74 (or 76 for that matter) in math will definitely raise red flags. Is there any reason you are doing so poorly? Since US admissions are holistic, one low mark isn't an automatic rejection, but you really need to make up for it with the rest of your academic record to prove to admissions committees that you are up to their academic standards (generally a 95+ overall average over four years). Admission to a top US university will be an uphill battle unless you have some stellar (i.e. Olympic-level athlete) extracurriculars. It might be more practical to focus on improving your grades in the coming years and applying to Canadian universities (though obviously you can apply to the US at the same time).
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