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Do I have a chance of getting in?

A photo of Eccedentesiast Eccedentesiast
Hi, I applied for Schulich BBA, Queen's Commerce, Rotman and UWO Ivey AEO w/ political science but after going through the threads and supplementary applications I'm getting really worried >.<

I was wondering if I have a good chance of getting into the programs and what are some things I should watch out for when filling in the apps?

Averages so far:
Schulich BBA: ~91
Queen's: ~93.6 (w/o Calculus yet, I'm semestered for this course)
Rotman: same situation as Queen's
Western: ~94.3

I don't have a whole lot of ECs:
First Chair and Section Leader of Senior concert band
Section Leader of Senior Choir
Executive Member of environmental club
Executive Member of social responsibilities club
DECA member
Writer for the school Newspaper
and some minor commmitments

thanks so much in advance!
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Schulich: maybe
Rotman: most likely
Queen's/Western: probably

I hope you're not serious about "I don't have a whole lot of ECs" because those are more than enough. You just need to be able to talk about their significance and the impact you made in the supplementary. :)
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Schulich is pretty "magic-number" averagey, so if your average exceeds a certain value you're almost guaranteed admission. I'm unsure at what the required average might be for the coming year, you'd be much safer with a 92. The 1% does make a huge difference.

I would say almost guaranteed admission for AEO/Rotman and your Queen's admission is dependent on the quality of your PSE.
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A photo of Eccedentesiast Eccedentesiast
Thanks for the replies!
I have weaknesses such as not winning any major awards other than the DECA regionals/provincials and the basic scholars. I also don't have any part-time jobs, just simple volunteer commitments.
What would make my PSE and my essays in general stand out or cushion the weaknesses??
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Don't really worry about the awards. There's not too many business-y awards a high school student can win.

The part time job is a bit of an issue particularly for Queen's, but there's very little you can do about it. Your options for this are either to half-lie (put your volunteer work in the work experience section), fully-lie (say you worked somewhere or made your own "entrepreneurship") or tell the truth. I think the half-life is a pretty attractive choice (you'd be surprised at how many people actually do this), but you might have to sacrifice a bit of your ethical backbone. If you're trying to rationalize your decision, consider it a precursor to the ethical boundaries you will blur in the real business world.

You have more experience and EC's to work with than most students would have. I would say the biggest flaw that people have in their essay answers is that they're boring as hell. Just be yourself and allow your writing to be both interesting and persuasive. Don't worry, the average high school student is pretty bad at writing.
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A photo of Eccedentesiast Eccedentesiast
>< I'm not much good at writing, my english mark is my lowest mark.
Thanks for the ideas, although I'm definitely not going for the lying route.
I have an uncertainty with Ivey's essay question of "what is something that people who know you would be surprised to learn about you?" What trait is Ivey looking for? Something personal? an achievement?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Your marks make you competitive for all the programs you mentioned. The rest depends on your supplementary applications.
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