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Do i Have a Chance?

A photo of Danmac Danmac
Hey all,

I really want to study some sort of social science/ sociology preferably a direct-entry criminology course once i get out of high school. I've currently finished my first semester grade 11 with the following marks:

Computer Science : 91%
English: 85%
Functions: 75%
Chemistry: 84%

Overall Avg: 83.75%

If I continue at this pace in my next semester(hopefully a couple percent higher since I have not as challenging courses)and next year (grade 12) will I have a chance at getting into York, UofT or Ryerson? Also if I want to apply to University in grade 12, for the early acceptance, how would that work? Would they see all my grade 11 marks + first semester grade 12 or just the top six?

Thanks, all opinions are welcome :)

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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
Hey, you definitely do not need to worry. Last year in grade 11 I received an 83 average and got early acceptance to all my universities, which was York, Ryerson and Guelph. I got into York's Social Work program, Ryerson's Social Work and Criminal Justice program and Guelph's Sociology program. I think that next year when you apply to university, make sure you apply right away I applied in November when applications opened and a month later I received my first early acceptance to York! Universities will look at your grade 11 marks for early acceptance where grade 12 marks are not available. For me, first semester grade 12 marks were updated a few days ago, but by then I got accepted to everything. Then for the second round of offers, they will look at first semester grades and so on until June because all offers are conditional, if you slack off they have every right to take it even if you've accepted it.
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A photo of donaldbelfon donaldbelfon
Danmac, I think you have a definite chance. Although its important to keep the marks up as high as possible, one thing you need to remember is that universities also look at your extra-curriculars when granting admittance to any program. At UofT, an applicant with great grades and great extra-curriculars will always be picked over the student with just great grades. Balancing your curricular activities as well as your school work is great practice for when you get here!
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