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Do I have a chance?

A photo of thisiscrazy4 thisiscrazy4
I applied to both software engineering and computer science (both co-op) at Waterloo and my midterm marks just got sent in yesterday. Do I have a chance with these marks?

Functions: 90 (final)
Chemistry: 83 (final)
English: 73 (final)
Calculus: 87 (midterm)
Physics: 87 (midterm)
Food Science: 98 (midterm)

Average: 86.3

I also applied to McMaster Engineering, University of Western Ontario Software Engineering, and have been accepted for Comp Sci at UofT. Do I have a chance at McMaster and UWO?
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A photo of pepper pepper
I believe you should be accepted into the computer science program at the least. You have great math marks which will really help your case. But the low English mark could hurt your chances.
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