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Do I have to be very fluent in English to be loved by Canadians?

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I'm an international student and I have to say that I understand 90% of the lecture but I feel a bit awkawrd when a classmate talks to me with all these slang terms, in a way that I don't really get it.. And more funnier, I don't know how to respond on the same way. I feel im being really FORMAL with them because of my lack of English! haha :cyclops:

I'm naturally very very social person but when I came here to Canada I felt that without a good understanding of the Canadian society .. I will not last a day in school, and day by day I'm geting friendless.

So far, I'm doing well on my courses(80% average), but I neeed to engage more with Canadian friends without facing the fact that " I'm different " or, " I can't speak as well as they do".. My Canadian colleagues are starting to avoid talking to me ( and never invit me to parties and stuff ..) and I'm prety sure it's because of my freaking english & accent, plus of course because of the fact that I'm internatioal *different* :(


I want to get as much canadian friends as possible...!!

Any tips on how to get them back?

And do you find what I'm facing.. Normal?
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Good business question.

Anyways, sounds normal..
Try watching some TV shows to pick up on some slang if you think thats whats missing.
Just give it some time, it will get better.
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If you're smart and naturally outgoing, hopefully people aren't so xenophobic as to avoid you. It could be that they don't know how to approach you or don't realize how good in english you actually are. Also, sometimes meeting people outside the classroom gives you a bit broader range of topics to talk about. So even if its meeting people playing an intramural or at a one-time event, that could open things up a bit more. Or if you have an assignment, ask people if they want to work with you on it. Personally, I enjoy talking to international students, but it can be intimidating because if you don't know how good their english is, it can get awkward because you have a hard time communicating.
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