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Do I need Calculus for Ryerson University?

A photo of JesterS JesterS
I am currently in the 12th grade and am considering in applying for the business program at Ryerson University this winter.

Currently I am taking Data Management full year, and Advanced Functions semestered
(Calculus and Vectors is semestered and starts in January)

My current grade for Advanced Functions is 64% and I am still struggling a bit.
I have a choice to drop Calculus and transfer into the full year Advanced Functions Course, and not take Calculus and Vectors.

So, my questions are:
1. Is Calculus and Vectors a requirement to get into the business program (no specific program) at Ryerson University?

2. If I do not take Calculus and Vectors, will I have a less chance of getting in?
(I am doing fine in the other courses)

3. Would it be a good choice to drop Calculus and Vectors to transfer into the full year Advanced Functions class
(and perhaps get a better average by doing that?)

4. I heard that in first year university, you have to take Calculus anyways (is that true?).
And if so, will I mess up by not taking it this year?

Thank you.
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A photo of Camilianasr Camilianasr
All i know is that my brother tried applying for business at Ryerson a few years ago, and he wasnt accepted because he didnt have calculus.
You should probably call the university and ask.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
^Not true. My friends are in business this year and they never took adv fun or calc
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A photo of jadegoddard jadegoddard
I went to a presentation of the university at my school yesterday in the handout they provided for buisness the admission requirments for the Ted Rogers school of Management admission requirements for :
1. Accouting and finance it can be either math U course preferably the two math courses MHF4U and MCV4U are recommended
2. Business management MHF4U or MCV4U or MDM4U
3. Business technology management MHF4U, MCV4U or MDM4U
4. Hospitality and tourism says either grade 12 math U course
5. Retail management either one of the three math courses again.

Having said that it does state for each course that preference for MHF4U and MCV4U. I'm not sure if this is what you're specifically looking for but I thought I'd try to help best I could!
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