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Do I need physics if im going into Biomedical sciences?

A photo of saidabdu198 saidabdu198
Hey guys
My goal is to enter Biomedical sciences at UWO but im wondering if physics is needed. I'm currently in grade 11 but almost finished all the requirements for Biomed at Westren with marks in the mid 90's bar Biology 12 and Calculus. My friends are constantly telling me to take physics as it is needed but I only see a recommendation on the website of UWO.
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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
How have you completed the prerequisites if you're in grade eleven and are not even sure if physics is needed?

For applicants applying to UWO in the next cycle, English, Calculus, Bio and Chem will be the prerequisites. So to answer your question, no, physics is not required although you will be required to take it in first year which is why it's recommended.
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